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“..instant 100% darkness – anywhere.”

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“The intelligent design… feels like it’s not even there!”

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Even as you sleep on your side, the supple fluffiness of the mulberry silk weave feels just like a bed of feathers. 

Sleep anytime, anywhere

SleepWiz™ eye masks mimic perfect nighttime conditions so that your body can enjoy proper, restorative sleep in the day. Sleep as soundly on a brightly lit bus as you would at home in your comfy bedroom.

Sleep less, rest more

SleepWiz™ eye masks boosts your melatonin levels naturally so that you enjoy deeper, more efficient sleep.

Natural & sustainable sleep solution

No pills, no chemicals, no harmful side effects – SleepWiz™ uses cutting-edge design to control your body’s natural sleep mechanisms.
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ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask

FREE Shipping within Singapore!

Sleep more efficiently with ErgoDream™ – the world’s first eye mask designed to not just help you fall asleep, but to also remain longer in the deep restorative stages of sleep. Wake up ready to take on the day with stronger memory and longer attention spans!

  • Lightproof material boosts natural melatonin production for longer deep sleep phases
  • Truly ergonomic 3D contours promote circulation and restorative REM Sleep
  • Viscoelastic memory foam conforms to your face, so that the mask feels like it’s not even there – unlike common alternatives made of stiff PU foam
  • Thin, adjustable dual-straps maximizes comfort while keeping the ErgoDream™ in place all night
eye mask singapore ergodream 3d

First Properly Designed 3D Mask

Sleep less, rest more

While common molded eye masks are pitifully small and shallow, the ergonomic 3D contours of the ErgoDream™ eye mask are deep and wide enough to actually allow for circulation and blinking, boosting REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Wake up to stronger memory, longer attention spans, and feeling fully rested!

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Pressure-distributing Memory Foam

Forget the world

Engineered by NASA, viscoelastic memory foam molds to your face shape in response to distribute pressure evenly. The result is a soft, luxurious eye mask that often feels like it’s not even there – unlike common PU foam alternatives.

Naturally impenetrable to light, it isolates you from visual disturbances for deeper, more restful sleep.

eye mask singapore ergodream cross section
eye mask singapore ergodream adjustable

Adjustable Dual Straps

Comfort that stays on all night

The dual-strap design keeps the ErgoDream™ eye mask in place even as you toss around. Each strap is ultra-thin to eliminate pressure and irritation.

Adjustable for just the right amount of tension.

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