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#1 Most Sleep-Deprived Country in the world - Singapore

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million people

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hours a night

and sacrifice their work performance, health, and relationships.

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As college students and young adults, we know that lack of quality sleep ends up affecting so much more: it seeds frustration and resentment, corrupts health, and causes friction in relationships.

It affects life.

SleepWiz™ is here to change that. By employing cutting-edge design to manipulate natural sleep mechanisms, our eye masks completely isolate you from your surroundings so that you forget about the world.

Take control of your sleep and enjoy life again!

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  • “…very soft”

    Just received, very soft and the thing I was worried about (pressure on the eyes) is a non-issue. I doubt i’ll use the earplugs, but with 2 kids, and my mother in law moving in with us, the earplugs are a nice bonus.

    Joe G
    Luxiere™ 100% Silk Eye Mask for Side Sleepers
  • “…thankfully the mask worked great on all occasions”

    I’m not a regular user of a sleep mask and purchased the Luxiere primarily for the purpose of using on a long international flight. Upon receipt I was happy to find that it was just as described ~incredibly soft, lightweight, had no odor, and due to its XL size it completely blocked out any light. This mask has elastic adjustable bands that comfortably fits around the back of the head to hold the mask in place. I have tested it out a few times ~twice when I wanted to sleep in late but the sun was peeking in through the windows and another time when my husband was in bed reading with the light on…thankfully the mask worked great on all occasions

    Scarlett L
    Luxiere™ 100% Silk Eye Mask for Side Sleepers
  • “…feels like goggles made from clouds… sleep is deeper when I’ve used the mask… highly recommend this mask.”

    I initially ordered a lookalike from Lazada which, when they arrived, were cheap and flimsy and still contacted my eyes. And the strap on one of them broke within a few days.

    The contoured shape of this mask made sure no light peeped through from the nose area, and the eye mask feels like goggles made from clouds. I’ve noticed my sleep is deeper when I’ve used the mask, and I wake up feeling more well rested. I highly recommend this mask.

    Yang W
    ErgoDream 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask for Back Sleepers

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