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Look forward to bedtimes again with the luxurious softness of the Luxiere™ eye mask. Prevent facial wrinkles, even as you sleep on your side, with the supple fluffiness of a mulberry silk weave that feels just like a bed of feathers.

  • Extra-wide design seals out light around the edges, unlike smaller marketplace alternatives
  • DreamWeave™ technology makes the silk weave impenetrable to light for longer deep sleep phases, while retaining the natural fibre’s luxurious softness
  • 100% natural mulberry silk reduces fine lines by keeping skin hydrated
  • Thin, adjustable dual-straps maximizes comfort while keeping the Luxiere™ in place all night, even as you toss on your side
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Ultra-dense DreamWeave™ + Extra-wide Mask

100% darkness for the deepest sleep

The tight DreamWeave™ fabrication of this silk eye mask is impenetrable to light. Unlike smaller material-saving alternatives, the Luxiere’s extra-wide design shuts out light that creeps in around the edges, even if you move in your sleep.

Instant, complete darkness that stimulates melatonin secretion for restful sleep.

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100% Natural Mulberry Silk

Soft, luxurious comfort

Used by Ancient Egyptians, pure silk reduces the appearance of fine lines on skin by helping retain its natural hydrating oils while allowing it to breathe.

The soft Luxiere™ eye mask is as light as a bed of feathers on your eyes, promoting circulation and relaxing facial muscles for better sleep.

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Adjustable Dual Straps

Extra-secure for side sleepers

The dual-strap design keeps the Luxiere™ eye mask in place even as you toss around. Each strap is ultra-thin to eliminate pressure and irritation, even as you are lying on your side.

Adjustable for just the right amount of tension.

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Dimensions24 × 11 cm

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  1. Eye mask is quite big which helps to block out light from the sides. Satisfied!

  2. First thoughts were that it looked quite ordinary. However, after unwrapping I realized how smooth and comfortable the silk feels on my skin as compared to polyester eye masks I bough on shopee before. The stitching around the edges have more detail and look way more durable. The stuffing of my previous eye masks exploded out after a few washes. The devil is in the details!

  3. This and the earplugs were a massive source of comfort when I was warded after a procedure for a week. Total blackout and I could finally get some needed rest. Same day delivery arrived within 5 hours according to my daughter.

  4. Shipping was fast and eye mask was double packaged and clean. Soft and comfy.

  5. Been having some trouble sleeping ever since WFH and I suspect it is because my workplace is in my bedroom. I find that putting on an eye mask really changes the ambience for me and has solved my sleep problems

  6. Initially thought that the adjustable buckles will feel uncomfortable, but they’re so small that you can’t feel it at all. The twin straps also work very well to keep the mask on. Earplugs also work well with the eye mask.

  7. Ordered this morning and just arrived. I put it on in my office and didn’t see any light shinning through. Feels very silky on the skin. Extremely excited to try it on tonight

  8. Customer service was very helpful in helping me choose a mask. We got different masks for my wife and myself. Delivery was fast.

  9. BEWARE OF FAKES!!! I bought my first Luxiere eye mask almost 2 years ago and wanted to get another as my old one has started clumping after machine washing every week (i know it’s against the care instructions). I found one that CLAIMED to be a SleepWiz mask on Carousell but when I received it, only the shape is similar. The mask was stiff and the material felt plasticky, not smooth like this mask. Happy with my 2nd purchase and delivery was fast as before.

  10. I bought both models to try and will recommend this one instead. The 3D one doesn’t fit my face perfectly, so abit of light comes in through the nose cover. At first, I was worried that this silk eye mask will press on my eyes, but it turns out to be very cushy and soft, you almost can’t feel it.

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